To achieve success with your home business, you only need to do these 7 simple things.

  1. Talk to people. (the more, the better)
  2. Invite some of them to look at your presentation materials.
  3. Follow up to see who has looked and who hasn’t.
  4. Sort the ones who are interested from the ones who are not.
  5. Enroll the ones who are interested in your products and/or your business.
  6. Help new members get started by using your products the right way.
  7. Help members who also want to generate income to learn and apply these 7 steps.

Then, we REPEAT those steps, over and over and over again.

Those are your 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS.

Stay faithful to those steps.  Whenever you catch yourself deviating from them, bring yourself back. Stay on course.  Don’t waste time on distractions. Focus your time on those revenue generating activities. Ignore everything else.

The bottom line is the more closely you can adhere to those 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS, the faster you will achieve your goals and begin to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

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